Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello Newport!

Road Trip 2009: Day 10
Bullards Beach State Park, OR to Newport, OR

Miles driven today=126
Total miles driven=1165

Another day of driving up the Oregon Coast! We woke up and set off early so we could site see a bit before making it to Newport by lunch time. We stopped at the Sea Lion Caves, since Ann had never seen stellar sea lions before. Unfortunately, the sea lions only hang out in the caves during the winter months, so the only glimpse we got of them were on a faraway rock through a telescope. We also visited the Haceta Head lighthouse and took a little tour of the building before meeting up with Mesha at the Rogue Brewery in Newport for lunch. I can't believe I've been to Newport several times now, and it's always fun visiting Mesha and hanging out in the cute town.

After lunch, the three of us spent the afternoon walking around a bit and had a blast digging for mole crabs on the shore. We definitely had a fun time being marine bio dorks. Ann taught us the proper digging technique-- since it was my first experience doing such a thing, it took a few tries before I got it down and caught some. She also taught us how to sex the crabs, which was pretty cool.

We went to dinner at Local Oceans, which was delicious. Mmm, crab cakes and fish tacos. Nothing like fresh, local and sustainable seafood!

Mmm crab cakes

Dinner at Local Oceans

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