Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Beach Glow

Bioluminescence: the production of light by living organisms.

Jake and I went on a little walk on the bike path last night after dinner, but didn't get very far, because we ran down to the water when we discovered that the waves were bioluminescing (well, not the waves exactly, it's really the waves causing the plankton in the water to bioluminesce). For those of you who've never seen this amazing natural wonder, it's an awesome sight, where disturbances in the water cause plankton to emit light and the breaking waves glow a beautiful blue-green color. At first, you'd think it was a trick of the light, or your imagination, but when your eyes adjust and you realize it's really happening, it is very neat to see. Another thing we discovered was that the sand had plankton in it also, so we had a grand time stomping up and down the beach, causing the sand beneath our feet to glow. Fun night.


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