Thursday, August 18, 2005

Block Party, Missing Camera, Jury Verdict & Summer Sunsets

Block Party
The 2nd Annual 5th Street Block Party was this past weekend. I happened to miss the first one, thrown last year, because I was in Paris and returned from Europe 2 days too late to catch it. According to roomate Justin, this one was just as fun, so at least I was around for this year's event. The boys accross the street had 10 kegs of beer for the day, the roomates and I got our own keg of Rock Bottom Hef for our own friends, a reggae band was set up in the middle of the street along with a ping pong and a couple of foosball tables, we bbq'd up some carne, drank, and hung out all day. It was fun, except...

Missing Camera
...I lost my camera! (or more like someone stole my camera?) I am SO BUMMED about it. Now, I not only can't share the block party pics with you, I can't share any pictures period! So, unfortunately, my photoblog will be neglected for the time being. I really don't need to be spending an extra few hundred bucks on a new camera, but I guess that's what I get for being drunk and stupid--leaving my camera out, with so many random people coming in and out of our house. Arrggh.

Jury Verdict
Well, finished with jury duty Tuesday. Believe it or not, I was actually starting to enjoy it, so too bad it ended so soon. It was all just a very interesting process, from the choosing of the jurors to the way councils presented their case. The best I can compare it to is a game, it's all like a chess game, making the right moves and trying to counteract moves that the other side makes....And just for the record, we found the defendent "not negligent".

Summer Sunsets
I've been running or taking walks down on the beach bike path the past couple of months, usually around sunset-time. It's so nice breathing in the salty air, feeling the cool summer evening breeze, and watching the sky light up like a fire. I LOVE living by the beach, it makes me happy.

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