Wednesday, August 10, 2005


"The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page." -St. Augustine
This is a quote that I always put on the inside cover of my travel journals.

Another excerpt from my journal entry 08.22.04 Geneva, Switzerland:
To live in the moment.
To experience a moment that is unlike any other.
To breathe in a fresh surrounding.
To read the rest of the story.
To be,
be one with the earth and sky,
with the past and future,
to be in the moment.
That is why we travel...

I really miss traveling. I miss the freedom it gives us, and the clarity it brings. My previous post, about doing meaningful work, is haunting me. It was such a simple statement, such a powerful question, yet I had pretty much forgotten about it since coming back from my trip. I've just rediscovered that question by reading through my journal, and it has stirred something in me, it's waking the passions within. I was struggling with figuring out what direction to take my career in, so as a guide, I can now ask myself what work is meaningful to me--what would fulfill me as a person and the things I care about?


  1. You've been thinking a lot, haven't you??

  2. Funny, I'm ready to settle down and ease up on the travelling.

  3. are you getting any insight through that book by po bronson?

    you might want to check out progressive companies like patagonia. i should tell you about my visit there on friday with jay.

    love you.
    your sis.