Thursday, July 06, 2006

On another note

I've been pretty busy lately, and still not motivated to post much. But here's a brief recap/update of what's going on.

Had an interview at the LA Zoo last week. Still waiting to hear back from them, but it's not the end of the world if I don't get the job. Keep your fingers crossed though.

Worked a 24-hr day (between two jobs) last Friday, which was exhausting. Went to my regular day job from 8-4:30, then drove straight to the Aquarium and clocked in at 5pm to work the overnight with Wendy, which went til 8am the next morning. At least I got paid to sleep, but it was still tiring.

Spent most of the 4th at Meg & Liam's BBQ/Pool party, which was so nice. The cool pool was refreshing, after dealing with this HEAT. Blagh. Stopped by my parents' house at the end of the evening, where there was a huge family gathering, like always. It was fun to see and catch up with some cousins and other family.

Saw Superman and The Devil Wears Prada, and both were good. Superman was long and a little slow-paced, but I still enjoyed it. Many parts of Prada were very different from the book, but it didn't bother me like it normally would have. The changes made the movie and storyline flow well, and I liked some of it better than the book. Meryl Streep, although not how I pictured Miranda to be, was great.

Seeing Pirates of the Carribean tomorrow, which I'm so looking forward to!

Having a BBQ at my place on Saturday for Wendy's 28th birthday, which will be fun. We can finally put our patio to use this summer, get the most out of it before moving out.

And the most exciting thing coming up is my vacation on a houseboat at Lake Mead with my friends! We leave for the houseboat Monday, and will be there through Friday, drinking and tanning and wakeboarding the whole week. Then we head to Vegas for the weekend, to celebrate Meg's birthday. WOOHOOO, can't wait for my vacation!

A happy summer to you all. Have fun and stay cool.

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