Monday, July 17, 2006

We Survived Deathboat 2006!

I've returned from my week-long vacation on Pirate Dookie Deathboat 2006 on Lake Mead, and what an adventure it was!
I wish I could say that our houseboating trip was smooth sailing the whole week, but unfortunately, it wasn't. Deathboat 2006 was named so only because it was the sequel to our Deathboat 2005 Booze Cruise trip, but this time it was very appropriately named. Despite the mini-disasters, it was an amazing trip, and we all had an awesome and relaxing and drunken time. We've all ended the trip with some head bumps and cuts, many bruises, soreness everywhere, a damaged propeller, a broken down speed boat, Chandler in an arm sling and Liam with stitches in his foot--but other than that we've survived and had a great time! More on the trip to come...

PS-I got the LA Zoo Education Specialist position, yeah!


  1. Hey Chica!
    Congrats on the position. Wish you all the best in your new position.

  2. Wait, I TOTALLY missed the LA Zoo thing... what? I am so out of the loop!

  3. Nooooo!!! Not the zoo!!!! Hahaha, congrats, dude...just don't forget your wet friends...

  4. Dear God, I'm starting to think I shouldn't take you on our boat anymore. Congrats with the job! Fill me in. I need info.


  5. gladis-thanks! sorry to have left you behind. how's work going?

    anitza-don't worry you're not that out of the loop. i haven't started yet, so i'll let you know how it goes.

    aki-haha, i can never forget my wet friends! that's where my heart lies, afterall. hope you're doing well!

    jen-i'm not sure if it's boat bad luck or vacationing bad luck--but please don't ban me from the boat. i promise i won't hurt it, you or myself while on it! and i'll email and fill you in soon.