Friday, May 16, 2008

Bike Week, Island Weekend

Bike-to-Work Week:
In Which My Friends/Coworkers & I Form an Asian Bike Gang

Oh wait, did I say asian bike gang? Well, not all of us were asian. There were the asians, and the honorary-asians. And we were on bicycles. Hah, so what I meant to say was we formed a Part-asian Bicycle Gang. But Asian Bike Gang sounds waaaay better....Well, this week was Bike-to-Work Week, so Emily, Mike, Alicia and I bikepooled on Wednesday and Thursday. We all met up on the beach path and rode our bikes in together. It was fun & there are so many benefits to biking to work!:
1. A nice ride by the beach on a sunny & beautiful California morning
2. Good company & good conversations
3. Exercise
4. Being environmentally friendly & saving money (added up, the four of us saved a gallon of gas each day)
6. The chance of seeing dolphins (which we did see on Thursday morning--a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins hanging out and swimming around in the harbor)
5. And....we're a part of an Asian Bike Gang!

Island Weekend:
In Which My Friends & I Will Be Spending the Weekend Snorkeling, Kayaking, Drinking and Relaxing on an Island

Not just any island, but THE Island--Catalina Island, and I'm so very excited! The Pride trip never panned out last month and I still haven't been out to the Island since October, so this trip is very exciting indeed. It's going to be even better, because I won't be working (which means I can drink!) and can spend the weekend relaxing and doing what I like. Yay!

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