Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Isthmus

I had a fabulous time on the Island! My friend Alie's boyfriend lives at the Isthmus, so her, Alicia, and I headed out there to hang out for the weekend. He has a killer beach-front studio, and we spent most of our time (when not in or on the water) soaking up the sunshine and relaxing on the front porch. Here's the awesome view from Jason's porch:

We got there Friday night and spent the evening at the bar. Went to breakfast Saturday morning, then spent the rest of the morning napping and reading and enjoying the view on the porch. In the afternoon, we leisurely kayaked around for a couple of hours. The water was beautiful and visibility from the surface was great. Went for a swim, and although the water was cold, it was bearable--definitely not comfortable, but not numbing either, so that was nice. Sunday morning, Jason took us out for a ride on his boat, Pepe, and in the afternoon we went for a snorkel before we had to catch our boat ride home. Ahhh, wish I was there again!....

Jason cliff diving:

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  1. Wow, that sounds like such a perfect weekend!