Monday, May 05, 2008

Front Ended & other things

Front Ended

Yesterday morning, while waiting at a stoplight on my way to work, I was front-ended. (I know, I know, sounds kinda funny. At this point you're probably wondering "What the heck do you mean you were front-ended?" But I was. Here's the story...) Waiting for a left turn signal, I was stopped behind another car that was apparently too far into the crosswalk. A pedestrian was crossing the street, so the person in front of me decided she would back up off the crosswalk. It would have been fine and dandy if my car WASN'T RIGHT BEHIND HER. She put her car in reverse, I laid down my horn a second too late, and then she plowed right into me. Like I said, I was front-ended. Good thing there was no real damage, but what gets me is that she was very apologetic and said that I was in her blind spot. What!? This just cracks up. How in the world was I in your blind spot when I was RIGHT BEHIND YOU? Might want to get those mirrors checked. *sigh* Some people.

other things

Work went really well yesterday...I taught a class all day, one that I was a bit apprehensive about, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Everyone really enjoyed it, which made me happy. Yesterday was also a big day for the program that I coordinate, and with the great teamwork of my coworkers, it went very smoothly. We all pulled together to make it happen, and our guests went home happy. Happy guests makes me very happy too.

I am slowly but surely continuing to create Twilight fans! It's the littlest thing, but it gives me so much satisfaction, haha. In the past week, three more friends have started reading it, and one friend has bought the book and will read it soon.

Saw Iron Man last night, which was surprisingly very enjoyable. I was a bit of a skeptic--Robert Downey Jr. as a superhero? But he was fantastic in the role.

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