Thursday, May 08, 2008

I Wish...

...I had a nicer camera to be able to better capture moments like this:

I love my little point-and-shoot Canon, but sometimes it just doesn't cut it. *sigh* I'll get a nice camera one of these days hopefully...

We had another amazing encounter with a superpod of Common Dolphins on Tuesday. I was crossing my fingers and hoping to see the Humpbacks that have been breaching a lot lately. I've never seen a breaching whale, and I've been been DYING to see one breach all season! Last Thursday, the Humpbacks were being very playful--fin slapping and lobtailing and breaching about twenty times--and I missed it! And Monday, they were breaching again. So, going out Tuesday, i was very hopeful that we would get to see it also....Sadly, I didn't have such luck. Not only were there no breaching whales, there were no whales period. Such a bummer! On the bright side, we did see the superpod, which is always an incredible experience. It never ceases to amaze me--being surrounded by thousands of dolphins, swimming so gracefully all around us. AND, we saw a couple of Mola mola, which are one of my favorite fish. It was another fun trip on the water. Maybe I'll catch the breaching next time....

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  1. Love this photo!
    I've had so many magical moments with them in the water - they love to surf, and the young ones are so playful, showing off their jumps and 360 flips. I found this article on Wetsand about how pollution is harming dolphins:
    Hopefully you can raise awareness of this issue on your tours.