Friday, December 31, 2010

Colander Boat Ride

These funny looking bowl-shaped boats are all over the place along the coast.
What the boats look like

My dad chartered a private boat to explore the islands off Nha Trang. Our first stop was a dock at a nearby island. We wanted to go snorkeling but it was too windy and the surface water was very rough, so this guy came along to offer a "glass-bottomed" boat ride. We hopped in!
Taking a ride on the colander boat

It was the funniest and coolest little boat ever. Here we are looking at the fish & coral below. Raelene and I are thinking of starting a business on Catalina and offering these boat rides & a narrated tour to people. It's way better than a kayaking trip!
Looking at the coral & fish

Our captain, braving the seas to show us the reef below. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard for us to learn how to navigate a boat like this!
Our captain

Fun times on our colander bowl boats!
Me & Rae

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