Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday morning reflections...

Life. Maybe it’s about discovering yourself anew with each experience you have. About finding your path, becoming who you want to be. It’s expressing yourself and your love in new and better ways. With all the struggles and triumphs along the way, the stumbles, tears and fears, but also the strength, courage, friendship, support and love. It’s about putting these pieces together, making the connections, knowing that these moments have greater meaning and seeing the beauty in such a revelation. Life tugs to align itself in small and perfect ways. It all happens for a reason, happens exactly the way it is supposed to, it all comes together perfectly. This gives me hope, keeps me believing in the journey that I am on. Breathing life, appreciating it, sharing it. I welcome more and more of it, of life, love, happiness, and the world.

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