Friday, December 10, 2010

You know you're Asian when...

Asian household remote

...your family puts plastic wrap around the tv remote control to protect it. I acquired my grandpa's tv a while back, and yes, that is truly Saran wrap on the remote. I wasn't surprised to find it like this, and although it's kind of embarrassing, it's also a hilarious reality. We Asians like to protect our gear and make it last as long as possible, and if we couldn't keep the original packaging, then plastic wrap would work just as well.

Even more embarrassing? I must admit that I can't escape my upbringing. I got an iPhone 4 a few months ago, and it was about a week before I gave in and finally peeled the protective plastic cover off the front of the phone. I actually would have kept it on longer, but it was covering the earpiece and I couldn't hear a darned thing when I made phone calls. Yes, I am Asain and I cannot escape it.


  1. hey, we do this in Brazil too! Maybe it was an Asian inheritance :)

  2. OMG my family does this, too!!!

    (Yes, I'm Asian)


  3. I'm an Asian too but I didn't do this when I was younger. Neither did my parents.

    However, I started wrapping the remotes after having to disassemble a few of them because of spills. And imagine all the dust and grease accumulated over the years when I opened them up. Simply disgusting!

    Am I embarrassed to have the plastic wrap on my remotes? Not a tiny bit. And I should have taken a photo of the dirty remote's innards in case anyone laughs at me.