Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Road Trip '08: Day 1

Long Beach, CA to Rocklin, CA (outside of Sacramento)
Miles driven today= 422
Total miles driven= 422

Okay, I know I just left this morning, but thought I might as well take advantage of the internet access while I can. Day 1 of driving is done! I left at 6:15 this morning, and after listening to a lot of country music, drinking a cup of coffee, and taking one pee and gas break, I've arrived safely at my first destination. It took me six hours to get up here, and I'm now chilling here at Jake's place, enjoying the air conditioning and avoiding the HOT outside. Checked out the school Jake teaches at and his classroom, took a tour of the house that he is in the process of buying, and am about to pop open a strawberry blonde and RELAX.

Heading to Oregon tomorrow!

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