Friday, August 22, 2008

Road Trip '08: Day 17

Around the Portland, OR area
Miles driven today= 48
Total miles driven= 2297

Today was Haley & Dan's wedding, but it wasn't until the evening, so we spent the earlier part of the day exploring around Portland some more. We went and had breakfast at a little cafe in the small town, Carver, which is right outside of Portland a few miles from our hotel. It just so happens (okay, not really, I intentionally planned to visit it) that the Carver Cafe was another movie-Twilight filming location for a scene that was added and isn't in the book. The interior was redone for the movie shoot, with real pictures from old Forks hung on the walls, and the cafe kept the decorations up after filming was done. It was a quaint little place with hearty breakfasts, and seemed popular with many local regulars. Here's the table where Bella & Charlie (Kristen Stewart & Billy Burke) sit at in the scene...

We finished up breakfast and went to visit the Japanese Gardens. Followed a very interesting guided tour for a while, then walked around the rest of the beautifully designed gardens. After our visit there, we drove to the city center and parked, then roamed the streets for a while. Came across a fun Italian festival in pioneer square, had lunch from one of the vendors there, then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

We luckily stayed at a hotel that was only a couple of miles from the wedding location, which was really nice. It took place outdoors at a golf course, and the reception was indoors immediately following the ceremony. Although it was rainy in the area when we first came in a couple of days ago, today turned out to be a perfect warm and clear wedding day. It was great to see Haley, although only briefly, and she looked beautiful in her strapless dress. I can't believe we've kept in touch for so long--I met her in Australia, when we were both studying abroad there--and am glad I was able to attend the wedding. I'm so excited and happy for the two of them!

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  1. Great pictures! Did you get enough of the perpetually wet Pacific Northwest?