Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Road Trip '08: Day 7

Gresham, OR to Robin's Woods, WA (on the Olympic Peninsula)
Miles driven today= 202
Total miles driven= 1503

Left Oregon today and headed north to Washington's Olympic Peninsula to visit old friends, Jennifer Robin and her grand daughter, Princess Cupcake. Jennifer lives in a beautiful 3-story log cabin on 42 acres of land known as Robin's Woods.

I was very much looking forward to this part of the trip--to seeing their property, getting some photography tips, and just relaxing with the great views and all the trees around me. Plus, I was very excited about finally going up to the Peninsula, home to Bella and Edward and my other beloved Twilight characters! Driving to the house was a perfect start to my experience--the tree-lined path that leads to their cabin from the main road looked much like what I imagined the drive to the Cullen house would have looked like. If I had only looked at the right moment, I may have caught one of them running by, hehe.

It was a low-key day. I got a tour of the house and the backyard (gorgeous views!), watched the chipmunks hanging out at the chipmunk hotel for a while, received a "basics" photography lesson (so I could start playing with the Nikon D200 that my dad let me borrow), and learned how to make home-made bread. Jennifer cooked a yummy pasta alfredo dinner, which we ate with our homemade garlic cheese rolls. Mmm, it was so good to eat home cooking again after almost a week of eating out. She always cooked the best meals, and I will definitely enjoy eating like this for the next few days!

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  1. Oh Jane. If only it was the path to the Cullen house!

    Miss you!