Friday, August 08, 2008

Road Trip '08: Day 3

Ashland, OR to Newport, OR
Miles driven today= 268 + 7 miles around town
Total miles driven= 1006

The route from Ashland to Newport was a lot prettier than my first two days of driving, making the trip much more interesting and enjoyable. I had another 5-hr drive, and arrived in Newport in the early afternoon. Since Mesha was still at work, she left a guest pass for me to explore the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Since my last visit in 2006, the Aquarium has added a new exhibit gallery, "Oddwater", featuring the odd and unusual creatures that live under the sea. The way they displayed the specimens was very unique and neat--in a tank amongst pretty glass art. After touring the front-of-house exhibits, Mesha took me to see their Education classroom & some behind-the-scenes areas, including the top of the HUGE tank where they use to keep Keiko.

For dinner, we went down to the historic bayfront, and ate at a Local Ocean Seafoods, a restaurant and fish market that specializes in serving sustainable seafood. It's pretty cool, all the seafood that they serve has a background: you can get information on where it was caught, by what means, and by who. The food was delicious! We each had a cup of the crab soup, then shared crab cakes and grilled fish & chips. Mmmm.

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